The asuraseal Story

Posted on March 24th, 2012

Every year machinery designed and manufactured by Technopak packs hundreds of millions of kilos of dry powder for leading dairy and pharmaceutical companies in Australia, China, the USA and New Zealand.

Branded products in both industries face an extreme risk from counterfeits, leading Technopak’s production designers and engineers to apply themselves to finding a solution.

asuraseal – the world’s only holographically authenticated hermetic seal.

On the surface it is a very simple solution, but in fact, asuraseal uses the very latest multi-level optical security features combined with a hot-stamped foil tamper-evident seal to create the ultimate anti-counterfeit brand protection system.

Technopak is the world’s only manufacturer of modular, future-proof bulk dry powder packaging systems for the dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

Our in-house capabilities cover all aspects from concept development, mechanical design, and electrical/control design, to installation and commissioning.

We’re proud to say that the Technopak team has been widely recognised at home and overseas for our technical achievements. We’re privately owned and based in Auckland, New Zealand.