Ordering and Specifications

Posted on March 24th, 2012

Order quantities.

Generic asuraseal security seals have no minimum order quantity.

Brand specific or custom asuraseal orders have a minimum quantity of two million units.

There is also a one-off set-up cost for brand specific and custom orders.


The standard size of an asuraseal security label is 20mm x 10mm. Adding a QR Code increases the dimensions to 30mm x 10mm. However we can custom make asuraseal in other dimensions to suit any package.


Asuraseal can be used for any product category. If it can be bagged or packaged, asuraseal can protect it.
What’s more asuraseal is hygienic, and meets international food and pharmaceutical packaging regulations.

No special equipment needed

asuraseal security labels can be applied to packaging seals by the widely used hot stamping, cold stamping and roller processes. Suitable machines are produced by many manufacturers throughout the world, and their machinery should meet your requirements.


asuraseal security labels are sent out to our clients from Technopak’s secure facility in Auckland, New Zealand.