Easy Verification

Posted on March 24th, 2012

Verification in the supply chain.

High level ‘covert’ security features of asuraseal can be seen with the use of a special filter, which reveals hidden text when placed over the seal. Microscopically printed ‘forensic’ nano pics and nano text can be seen with the aid of a digital microscope. Bacterial and spectral taggants hidden within the asuraseal require specially tuned readers, but give an extremely high level of assurance that the product is genuine.

Trace And Trace.

asuraseal includes the option of a 2D-Bar Code (QR Code) and a unique, randomised 16 digit alphanumeric code.

The 2D-Bar code can either be used as a basic Track & Trace mechanism, or for verification by shoppers discussed below.

A better option is to integrate a unique multi-digit Track & Trace alphanumeric into the asuraseal label. This can be linked to your company’s own database, or to a third party Track & Trace system. Third party providers include SecuTrace, TraceLink, and Sproxil.

Verification by shoppers and end-users.

The lower level security features of asuraseal are easily verified by shoppers in the store – giving them a high degree of confidence in your brand, which translates to more sales. For example, elements of the seal will do different things when the viewing angle is altered, or part of the image might change colour when rotated 90°.

We can also incorporate a QR code into the asuraseal that will take shoppers to a webpage via their smartphone. There they will find an explanation of the unique verification features of your product’s asuraseal and how to use them.

This page should be a special page hosted on your brand’s existing domain, for example

You can add an extra level of anti-counterfieit security by adding an integrated Track & Trace number, which can double as a password for shoppers to gain access to your verification page.