Posted on March 23rd, 2012

Q: What is asuraSeal?
A: asuraseal is the world’s only holographically authenticated hermetic seal.

Q: Is asuraseal patented?
A: Yes. asuraseal is protected by worldwide patents and trademarks.

Q: How does asuraseal assure me that products carrying it are
authentic and un-tampered with?
A: asuraseal is the only holographic product security device that can be
heat fused into the hermetic seal of packaging using the popular
hot-stamping process. asuraseal verifies that the product is genuine,
plus gives visual proof that the package has not been tampered with.

Q: How can companies in the retail supply chain verify that the
asuraseal security label itself is authentic?
A: Higher level security features of Asuraseal can be verified with a
special filter and by microscope. Read more.

Q: Can shoppers verify the Asuraseal at point of purchase?
A: The lower level security features of Asuraseal are easily verified by the shopper at the point of purchase. Read more.

Q: What are the levels of security within the asuraseal hologram?
A: The security levels are a range of sophisticated optical features within the asuraseal hologram, which are virtually impossible for counterfeiters to copy. There are also three secret levels. Read more about the security levels here.

Q: What types of packaging material can asuraseal be used with?
A: asuraseal is specifically designed for hermetically sealed flexible packaging. More information on applications

Q: Is asuraseal compatible with all sizes of packaging?
A: Yes. asuaraseal’s standard size is 20mm x 10mm, however it can be custom sized to suit any package.

Q: Can asuraseal be used for any category of product?
A: Yes. What’s more asuraseal is hygienic, and meets international food and pharmaceutical packaging regulations.

Q: Is special equipment needed to apply the asuraseal?
A: No. asuraseal security seals are applied using the hot stamping
process. Hot stamping machines are produced by many
manufacturers throughout the world and their machinery will meet
all your requirements.

Q: Is there a minimum quantity that must be ordered at one time?
A: For the generic asuraseal security seal there is no minimum order.
For brand specific asuraseal labels the minimum order is 2,000,000 units. There is also a one-off set-up cost for brand specific labels and
custom orders.

Q: How are asuraseal holographic labels supplied to users?
A: asuraseal is distributed from a secure facility in Auckland, New

Q: What is the price of asuraseal?
A: asuraseal is priced in a range between three and eight US cents per
seal. Read more.

Q: Who invented asuraseal?
A: asuaseal was invented and developed by Technopak Ltd New
Zealand to provide a highly cost-effective solution to tamper
evidence and anti-counterfeiting of flexible packaging.

Q: Who should I contact about adding the confidence of asuraseal to
my company’s products?
A: Please contact us at We’ll get in touch with you